Good morning everyone,
I will be participating in my last AIDS bicycle Ride and this will also be the last SmartRide. I have been riding my bicycle for 20 years raising money and awareness for HIV/AIDS. My last bicycle ride was from Alaska to Key West a 6000 mile journey. I have been riding with the AIDS Memorial flag since 2000 from Montreal to Portland, Maine and have been riding with the flag ever since even on my 6000 mile journey I am inviting you to support me and our local HIV/AIDS beneficiaries on our last bicycle journey, I know there are so many wonderful charities to choose from and today I ask you to choose the SmartRide. I have chosen The SMART Ride (Southern Most AIDS/HIV Ride) because 100% of every dollar I raise will be shared with AIDS Service Organizations around Florida. Very few organizations can boast that they have this guarantee, in-fact it is unheard of in an event like this.
Click here for your generous gift to the SmartRide…
or visit and enter my last name in the donation box

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