I think your story would make a great movie:an adventure with a very important message

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. It is such an engaging account of your incredible journey. It is beautifully written, and demonstrates your appreciation of nature's beauty, your sensitivity to others and acute self-awareness. You may have had assistance with the wording of your narrative (you acknowledge this), but the thoughts, feelings, perceptions and insights are yours, and they are what make your journal noteworthy. In this time of right-wing extremism, hate speech, racism, disinformation and increased violence, it is a relief to read about your experiences with your ``guardian angels,`` the kind and generous people who were there to assist you. Your selfless care for others is all the more laudable considering the harsh life you suffered as a child and growing up. I would like your journal to reach as many people as possible, to hopefully educate people in the values and attitudes needed for mutual cooperation and coexistence. You note that you underwent transformations during your journey. I think a prominent one was your emergence from a solitary life into one in which you placed trust in others. That was a tremendous leap of faith, and it proved to be advantageous most of the time. I'm afraid it's very difficult for me to make that leap.
I feel I'm living in a world more insane than ever before in my life, and I'm not optimistic about the future. But reading your work helps lift me, at least temporarily, from my anger and cynicism. The human is extremely contradictory: capable of reason and unreason, love and hate, unselfishness and selfishness, a supporter of peace and a promoter of war, a creator of beauty and of ugliness, capable of vision for a sustainable future and a myopic, destructive concern only for the present. For every positive trait there is a corresponding negative. I feel we are living in a decisive time when we shall see which side prevails. That's why a work such as yours is so crucial today. It should be made into a film.
The occasions when you temporarily considered giving up reminds me of a line in Samuel Beckett's novel Murphy: ``I can't go on. I must go on.`` I grapple with this almost every day.
As I say, I think your story would make a great movie: an adventure with a very important message.

Mick, Michael Read


This book is the telling of a brave woman's solitary adventure of a bike ride. Not a simple bicycle ride but one from Alaska to Key West. She accomplished several goals....
Raising money for a great cause......amfAR the Foundation for AIDS Research
Making life-long friends
Keeping herself and her dog Jackson safe and
exploring her inner self as well as the U.S.A.

Annette Jones

Uli rode to raise AIDS awareness and money for AIDS research

I’ve known Uli for several years, and I want to recommend her book, “Uli’s Journey, Angels Along the Way” ” which chronicles her bicycle ride from Alaska to Florida with her dog Jackson. Uli rode to raise AIDS awareness and money for AIDS research. Her writing is stunning, so descriptive I felt like I was riding along with her. She reveals a lot about herself, too ~ her past, her feelings. “Uli’s Journey” is a nuanced, complex, well-written story, and her photographs help bring it to life.

Adele DiGiovanni DelSavio

A Travelogue of a Brave heart and a Determined mind

My dear friend,
Your book, ``Uli's Journey`` is a travelogue of a brave heart and a determined mind. You had to overcome many physical and psychological obstacles, and you did so by pushing through frigid weather, bad terrain and battering winds. It is admirable that a pint-sized person like you was able to endure such conditions. Fortunately, you found respite in the companionship of many strangers with whom you shared your story and they opened their lives and homes to you. Your belief in the goodness in people, and the deep commitment to your cause (and a guardian angel sitting on your shoulder), allowed you to fight through all that stood in your way to achieve such a worthwhile goal. Kudos to you, Uli.

Christine, Christa Pursley

Uli``s voice comes through

Original and Heartfelt
Uli``s voice comes through the pages of her story so clearly. Without too much fanfare, she simply explains how her journey and the people she meets along the way can change her and them. Loved reading it!

Dale Bridson

Truly your dream turned into a life-changing and inspiring adventure

Incredible book, incredible story
What an incredible story and book.
Truly your dream turned into a life-changing and inspiring adventure. I was blessed to be a very small part of it. I loved reading Uli's six-thousand-mile solo bicycle trip from Alaska to Key West, Florida. From Denali to the Keys. The twists and turns. The relationships and the loneliness. The bears, snakes, and cougars. The kind and not so kind among us. The pain, hurt, and the joy. The uncertainties, questions, and surprising answers. All of this to raise money and bring attention to the cause of HIV/AIDS. Uli, you left comfort and security, you took a leap and faced your fears head-on, to give all that you had for others.
Uli is an inspiration. A living call to action. She's driven, honest, tough, passionate, and loving. I felt a push to pursue my own daring dreams after reading this.
For two nights, my family was blessed to be a part of your life-changing journey along the way. As complete strangers, Gwen and I will never forget meeting you and Jackson on the boat from Milwaukee to Muskegon. Like yesterday, Gwen and I can picture you on Cascade Road with your steel bicycle, oversized AIDS flag, and the adorning red ribbons. We also recall vividly the fun of celebrating your birthday and learning more about you and your journey.
The author's intense and difficult journey is symbolic of those living with HIV/AIDS as they fight for another day. Uli, with your writing, I felt like I was right with you on your journey. Thank you for sharing your story. Yes, always take the scenic route. Thanks for making a positive difference in our world. God bless you.

Tom Heetderks

Uli Schackmann”s documentation of her journey is amazing! I couldn't put it down...

Uli Schackmann”s documentation of her journey is amazing! I couldn't put it down... I couldn't wait to see what happened next!
I cannot imagine doing what Uli has done, encountering the unknown.
Thank you, Uli Schackmann, for bringing attention to the cause of HIV/AIDS, a cause we often hide. Your journey brought the cause to the forefrontin a dramatic way.

Mike Dixon

A Journey to Self Awarness

Uli's Journey is about several types of journeys - the physically challenging one of a single woman riding in extreme cold & heat on terrible roads and confronting wild animals; the challenge of spreading the word about AIDS awareness and treatment; the challenge of trusting complete strangers, many of whom became 'Angels' in their role of helping Uli complete her journey. Through all of these, Uli eloquently describes self awareness as it grows and she becomes a new person.

Mary Kellough

WOW! The writing was captivating

Just finished your book, WOW! The writing was captivating. Your ability to connect with people and motivate people, clearly gifts that you were meant to share. The other people (unfriendly, bigoted idiots) who didn’t realize your gifts, missed out. I felt scared for you, proud of you, amazed by you, and inspired by you. I was honored to know that John and I were mentioned in your journey. ❤️ John gets to read your book next. Thank you Uli for sharing your incredible adventure. ?

Cindy & Lou Castro

a testament to purpose and determination

Ryan and I had the pleasure of working with Uli Schackmann on her memoir, Uli's Journey: Angel's Along the Way, and we're so thrilled it's now available for sale! Uli's remarkable story of her 6,000-mile bicycle trip alone across North America is a testament to purpose and determination and a great adventure.

Jennifer Archer

Living vicariously through Uli's Story

Uli’s writing truly makes you feel like you’re on this journey with them. They’re fears become your fears. They’re joys become your joys as they meet angels along the way. What a helluva journey!!
Michael Lamarre

a heart warming story

A awe inspiring read
This is a wonderful read about the author’s 6000 mile bicycle trip that she made to create awareness and raise money for AIDS research. It is a heart warming story about confronting self doubts and moving forward in personal growth.

Michelle Jennings

Uli is amazing

I loved it. Inspiring, exciting and adventurous. Hats off to Uli a real hero!

Lori Tanner

Not only inspiring, but a well needed topic in a time of such division

Reading Uli's Journey Angels Along the Way was not only inspiring, but a well needed topic in a time of such division. Her retelling of experiences and interactions with people along the way can give us all a renewed faith in humanity. Not to mention the much needed attention she gave to finding a cure for HIV/AIDS. Her six thousand mile biking adventure with her loyal dog Jackson can make us all feel empowered to challenge our own limits and do something good in the world.

Julie Gilliam

Your Book Is Fantastic, Brava, brava

Your book is fantastic! It arrived yesterday and I started reading it right away! Lynn was here, and upon her request, I read aloud the first thirty pages. I couldn't put it down, reading myself to sleep and reading again upon waking. I got up for breakfast, took a nice long bath, then back to bed to read. By 3pm, I read the final page and Lynn has already asked to borrow it. I think a movie is next! Brava, brava, Uli. I'm in awe of all you overcame to finish your journey from Alaska to Key West.

Jeannine Toussaint Caron

Courageous Adventure

Yamara and I love your book, even more your courageous adventure. But for a woman whose first language isn't even English, you've done an incredible job writing it!
Every year I pick something that I think would be appreciated by my friends and for me to give out as a holiday gift. This year I want to give them a copy of your wonderful book. Not only for the story it imparts of your great journey but also to spread the awareness of a terrible disease and the efforts to find a cure for it. I totally wish to support your effort.

Jim Higgens

Unwavering Determination

What a pleasure to accompany Uli in this leap into the void hanging on her handlebars with her furry companion Jackson! Arming herself with her unwavering determination, Uli crosses the continent and also crosses her fears, her doubts, her sorrows and her joys. Uli's Journey Angels Along the Way is also a book that restores confidence in humanity, whatever they may be, and a touching message of openness to others. A great experience!

Chantal Gagnon

It is a very intense personal journey

I truly enjoyed reading Uli's book and being able to follow her amazing adventure bicycling from Alaska to Key West accompanied by her faithful furry companion Jackson.
Hearing about the magnificent landscapes, wild- life encounters and physical challenges to take on this difficult route is only one part of Uli's incredible journey.
She reminds us -by riding for the cause to raise awareness as well as money for HIV/AIDS patients- that there are a lot of people out there, struggling on a daily basis with immense obstacles and problems and consequently reminds the reader to be grateful for the blessed lives we lead.
I admire the author's openness to talk about all her emotions, struggles doubts, fears, hopes and conclusions she draws out of it all. It is a very intense personal journey where this courageous woman faced all her fears and forced herself to go on when things looked impossible to handle... and in the end grew immensely on a personal and spiritual level. I think that many women including myself are able to identify themselves with parts of this emotional journey and feel the Sisterhood. All of us can be courageous and brave and connect to our true unstoppable power. Uli's book is an inspiration well worth reading.

Heike Regina Carter