Following her dreams to make it a reality

I'm alwaysa looking for recommendations from family & friends on what books to read. After my twin sister mentioned this bok that her friend wrote, I immediately ordered my copy - and I was not disappointed. Following her on this epic journey was an adventure!! I've done many bike rides in my lifetime, but never hauling over 250 pounds of gear - including her dog Jackson!! My hat is off to this amazing woman!!
Joan Cosgrove

Joan Cosgrove

“Uli’s Journey: Angels Along the Way” by Uli Schackmann Review by Sandy Rapp

This is a very fine book indeed! In “Uli’s Journey: Angels Along the Way,” Uli Schackmann recounts the fascinating tale of her really very dangerous bicycle trip from northernmost Alaska to Key West, Florida. Attached to the bike for this incredible journey was a trailer in which rode Uli's loyal, easy-going and good-humored, twenty-pound Havanese, Jakson.
Through frigid Alaska, down into Canada, across the Midwest US and eventually on to the challenging US South, Schackmann peddled a sturdy and necessarily very heavy two-wheeler, dragging behind a trailer for doggie and a large flag featuring a “cure-for-AIDS” red ribbon.
There were a few very scary encounters, what with grizzly bears, flat tires and bad weather. But the book is basically a chronicle of the many wonderful people and places Uli and Jakson encountered throughout their very long, indeed 172-day, 6,586-mile expedition.
The purpose of this extraordinary trip and resultant book was to raise both funds and awareness for AIDS and, an HIV-AIDS research foundation. This is a worthy book for a worthy cause and should be read by many and soon. All the best to Uli Schackmann and the many extraordinary angels she met along her way.

Sandy Rapp
author of God's Country: A Case Against Theocracy

I most admire her physical and emotional persistence

I found “Uli’s Journey Angels Along the Way” to be most engrossing and uplifting. I most admire her physical and emotional persistence, pressing on despite the adversities of cold, heat, wild animals, dangerous roads, wild weather, exhaustion, broken bicycle and occasional rude and unhelpful humans. She continued to persist in pushing forward to bring attention to her passion—raising awareness for AIDS and finding a cure by 2020. She found herself changing, becoming more confident, open and fearless. She made friends wherever she went, discovering how she could indeed trust in the comfort of strangers. Her own photos add to the life of her story.
A very worthwhile read, demonstrating what one person can do, if they are sufficiently dedicated.

Nana L. Royer

Amazing Story

Such a beautiful book. She's this little lady with nerves of steel. And to do something so remarkable. WOW She just came over to sigh my book. Now she's on her way for another trip down to the Keys. Remarkable. Beautiful book worth the read.

Mary Ann Semega

Once in a lifetime journey

I truly enjoyable read. I admire Uli's determination when the going got grueling. She found her inner strength physically and emotionally over and over. I also admired her ability to meet people, open up to them, really listen to their stories and empathize...a warm, loving human being. And, then there's Jackson. He handled everything that came their way like a trooper. What a good boy!

Empress 517

Awe, Emotion, Pride

Here is one of my favorite passages:
Uli writes: ``I received a message from Jeff, a man I'd met along the way.
``It was a great pleasure meeting you. Even though we talked only a few minutes, you affected my life.
I thought about your trip and your challenges. When I find an obstacle, I think about you on a six thousand mile bike ride. My minor issues go away.
Thank you for talking to us. It was the highlight of my day.``
Here's another gem from Uli:
``I always take the scenic route.``

Jan Polatschek

True Gift

I found Uli's Journey: Angels Along the Way, to be a very compelling book, full of adventure, positive energy, and resourcefulness. The dedication and determination Uli exhibited in order to overcome her many adversities in reaching her goal, is admirable.


It's the voyage not the destination

In support of HIV/AIDS cure research, this story follows Uli's voyage from Alaska to Florida, physically and psychologically. The political differences between Canada and the USA, between left and right, and between truth and lies are identified through her chance encounters on her trip.

Tom Kritsade